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On September 18th, Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week (LFW) SS18 will host Elephantasia, combining conservation and couture with the vision and collaboration of 21 international designers. These designers will unveil to the fashion world their unique couture interpretations of “the elephant.” 

To bring awareness to, and mitigate the poaching crisis, Fashion for Conservation (FFC) is joining forces with Fashion Scout and conservation organisations world-wide. Their collaborative efforts will send a timely and vital message to fashion week attendees and viewers—while also empowering consumers with the knowledge that their buying decisions matter. Saying no to ivory, visiting ethical sanctuaries and making clothing purchases and donations that support critical conservation efforts can help ensure the survival of the elephant.

Ava J. Holmes, a co-founder of FFC, believes in bridging the gap between the industries of conservation and fashion.

“Fashion for Conservation to me is where self expression and creativity meet conservation, for me it is a way to re-visit my fashion career without sacrificing a deep connection with nature. I also get to be a part of this sort-of family we've created here, of professionals from many diverse, even eclectic backgrounds who are really passionate about the cause and contributing to grow our mission further.”


Fashion for Conservation (FFC) is just the combination the fashion industry needed. Combining a love for animal rights and conservation with the innovative eye of fashion is so unique, as is the FFC team. Everyone on the team have unique and complimentary career paths to this vision and together they dedicate time and skill into making the brand into the movement that it is today. The talent and motivations of all teams within FFC strive to play to their strengths and constantly support each other to reach new milestones.

The mission of FFC is to protect wildlife and their habitats in collaboration with fashion designers, conservation organisations and media influencers. The exhibition Elephantasia is fashion fighting for elephants, and every species adversely affected by poaching.The dynamic team is highlighted perfectly with the three co-founders: Nazy Alvarez, a Creative Director at Vogue and many other top brands, Samantha Zwicker, wildlife conservationist and executive director at Hoja Nueva, and finally Ava J. Holmes, connecting the two worlds as a former producer for fashion weeks worldwide and current reality TV show wilderness survivalist at Discovery Channel.

Elephantasia is a campaign featuring unique international designers each season of its 3 year global tour 2016-2018 raising funds and awareness for the poaching crisis. The exhibition for the campaign debuted at fashion weeks in the USA, Canada and Spain and this season’s collection will preview in six cities across Europe this summer, leading up to the finale presentation during London Fashion Week SS18.

Elephantasia, one of FCC’s campaigns, is altering the future of the fashion industry from one that regularly garners criticism from animal advocates into one that supports conservation. Our main objective is to not only support conservation but put it into practice. Join us during our 2016-2018 world tour to heighten consciousness surrounding threatened species and their habitats. Stand with us in the fight for elephants and habitat destruction awareness!