FREYA is the first in a new line of sustainable, natural alcoholic beverages from Pure Wild Spirits Ltd. The foraged birch sap comes the wild untamed depths of Northern European Forests, where this special elixir is harvested once a year during early spring, FREYA is made from only the most sustainable methods.

Completely organic in composition and named in honour of the Norse goddess of love, beauty, fertility and sensuality, FREYA encompasses all of that and more, standing out from other craft drinks by staying true to her wild and independent roots. 

From the ritualistic tapping of the trees, ensuring no harm is done to the natural surroundings, to the distillation process in hand made copper pot stills, set in the leafy English countryside; every step taken in the creation process of FREYA has been lovingly thought out to create this pure, wild spirit. Naturally low in calorie, with a distinctive clean taste that is full of character and exceptional smoothness, FREYA harnesses both current trends within sustainability and cleaner leaving. 

With a beautifully hand crafted bottle, FREYA is a must have on any discerning drinker’s shelf, whilst offering a ‘spirit with a difference’ to both mixologists and cocktail drinkers.