Rock Star Couture. Theatrical mischief in wonderful clothing. We fuse the decadence of fine art with innovative design practices and avant-garde dreaming, curating a sultry brothers grim aesthetic. Hellavagirl prides itself on producing beautifully crafted lines for the bold. The vibrancy exuding from our creations forms a strong, glamorous yet eclectic shape – an impulsive fluidity intertwined with rigid sculpture.

 Hellavagirl showcases four collections annually with smaller projects and collaborations dispersed throughout.

 Every collection designed to empower, entice and compliment, to inspire the wearer and intrigue the beholder… 

“Helen’s infectious high-spirited nature only adds to the brand’s flirtatious take on design, channeling her own vision for creating truly unique couture”.

 Helen’s muse stems from her obsession with fashion and the wearers who empower it, how people express themselves through clothing and the statement it makes.

“Having most recently being awarded Britain's Top Designer and with internationally published collections the past five years has been a momentous testament to all the hard work, Helen’s exploration of vision and successful lines to date. Helen received high praise from British Vogue where she was identified as, in their words “an exceptional emerging talent” and one that “produced strong ideas for the future”. Although in comparison we are small in stature, we are big in impact - Hellavagirl, give ‘em hell.” - Hellavagirl Press Release, Courtney Leigh Norman 17.