That's it for another season from Vauxhall Fashion Scout, but we're headed to Paris with our Exhibition designers, where we'll also be interviewing them about their Autumn/Winter collections, and digging deeper for the lowdown on the "Fashion Week experience". Until then, we'll leave you with some parting comments from's Fashion Features Editor, Jessica Bumpus.

"I think [Vauxhall Fashion Scout] are brilliant. When you go to London Fashion Week here, it goes back to what being a designer's all about; there's something really fun and exciting about being here. All the designers are at the beginning of their careers, and you can see their hunger- and their passion- and you see a lot of great ideas.

This season, I really liked Myrza de Muynck- she's fantastic; there's something both cute, and cool about her work. I also really liked Heohwan Simulation, because their designs are so severely cut, and generally really strong... Today, I loved Joseph Turvey- his work's got a really good commercial feel, but a point of difference. Menswear is really hard to get the balance between something that's both creative, and wearable, and I really think his collection ticked all the boxes."

Jessica Bumpus, Fashion Features Editor at

Interviewed by Sara McAlpine VFS Sub-Editor (@sara_mcalpine)
Image by Raul Rosillo