"One to Watch" Myrza de Muynck will be appearing on BBC's The One Show this evening to talk her interpretation of the eighties wardrobe staple: the shell-suit. Worn by British subcultures from all walks of life, the nylon two-piece was seen on everyone from sportsmen of note, to early-nineties hip-hop groups. Chances are that memories of sporting the ubiquitous get-up will incite a long groan, and a "did I really do that?"- which is part and parcel of why the Central Saint Martin grad- and VOGUE fashion week fave- will be featured in tonight's show. Vauxhall Fashion Scout is about sourcing innovative, emerging talent; and being able to reinterpret a piece remembered with disdain into something decidedly feminine, and luxe is evidence enough of why we proclaimed Myrza "One to Watch."

Watch tonight on BBC One from 7pm.
Sara McAlpine (@sara_mcalpine)