It’s day two of Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s London Fashion Week. After an exhilarating first day, the momentum is on going. Today’s schedule opens with VFS’s Ones to Watch: Charlotte Simpson, Hana Cha, Hellen van Rees and Ming Pin Tien. The full schedule for the day runs as follows:

11:00 Ones to Watch: Charlotte Simpson, Hana Cha,
Hellen van Rees & Ming Pin Tien
11:30 Tahir
13:00 Ji Cheng
13:30 Yifang Wan
15:30 Spijkers en Spijkers
15:30-17:30 Manuela Dack
17:30 Melissa Diamantidi
18:30 Bernard Chandran
18:45 Raffaele Ascione
19:30 Math

Once again, we will be bringing you reports on all shows and designer exhibitions, as well as giving you a sneaky peek backstage. Follow Vauxhall Fashion Scout on Twitter, Facebook, and on our VFS Blog.

Text by Jennie Watson