Last week Fashion Scout designer Jay Briggs spoke to hip fashion, art and culture magazine Hope St to discuss his plans for the future. Briggs, whose stunning headpieces have already been donned by the likes of Kylie Minogue and Paloma Faith discussed life after “Ugly Duckling,” the designer's current collection which can be seen in the windows of Selfridges this Christmas.

Briggs revealed that he was “currently researching” his new collection, which will see a September 2015 showcase alongside his debut advertising campaign. Fans of “Ugly Duckling” will also be pleased that an expanded version of the collection will make-up a one off special next year.

Speaking on his attitude towards the future of his work the Hope St dubbed fashion “prince of darkness” said simply “ never know what the universe has in store for you, which makes it all the more exciting.”

Want to see more? Check out Kylie's video for “Sleepwalker” featuring Jay Brigg's headpieces here. 

by Lewis R Waters

Images courtesy of Oliver Savage / Jay Briggs
Quotes by Jay Briggs, Mona Lisa Maclean & Hollyann Prince

Courtesy of our friends at Hope St Magazine