N&S Gaia,  the brand by Sidharth Sinha, extends to Nature and Sustainability, securing the brand firmly in their worldly, temporal approach. Gaia is at once an ancient Greek goddess of the Earth and the ideology that all life exists in a perpetual circle, responsible for actively conserving all elements of the natural world.

Sinha has taken this conceptual beginning into every element of her brand, where sustainable practises such as hand weaving, merge with responsible sourcing of fabrics. Whereas this upcycling method may be perceived to place limitations on the potential of a collection, N&S Gaia allows the pieces to be defined by their consideration and consequent manipulation of various materials, honing an aesthetic reimagining texture on a spectrum.

Brushes of colour spanning across shoulders and bodies, emulating the curvature of the body and rolling waves found in nature from the sea to slopes and ascents of landscapes. The eye makeup reflected the pieces, through their sweeping gestures and bold colours

A more thoughtful design process, and time consuming, delicate textile approaches has resulted in feminine and luxurious folk pieces that articulate a tribute to the potential of materials and an artistic recognition of motifs taken from nature.