Fashion for Conservation was founded by three women dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through conservation-inspired couture. Nazanine Afshar (Art Director, Condé Nast), Samantha Zwicker (Wildlife Conservationist, Hoja Nueva) and Ava J. Holmes (Event Producer) combine their career and passions to create fashion campaigns that inspire consumers to make conscious decisions and engage fashion brands in investing in conservation while supporting endangered wildlife and indigenous peoples.

Elephantasia, Fashion for Conservation’s previous campaign, rocked September 2017's Fashion Scout runway, featuring 24 designers' interpretation of the African elephant while putting a media spotlight on the elephant poaching crisis. Elephantasia also made a recent appearance in TEDX Seattle and on Discovery Channel.

It’s time to reverse fashion’s impact on the planet from being the second most wasteful industry in the world to being a solution to solving some of the world’s toughest environmental problems.” 

Ava J. Holmes on TEDX Talks, FFC Co-founder


Rainforest Runway Campaign with Hoja Nueva

This season’s Rainforest Runway campaign spotlights the Amazon rainforest, the largest biodiversity hotspots on the planet and home to over 50% of the word’s plants and animals. Fragmented forests store less carbon, resulting in increased climate change and decline of species globally. The urgency of conserving the earth's remaining rainforests now goes beyond cultural and wildlife preservation, it may be a matter of basic human survival here on earth. Together, today, with Hoja Nueva, we can each take a stand to help protect part of the Amazon. 

Join us after the catwalk show for a themed celebration with specialty handcrafted cocktails, chocolate tastings with rainforest grown cacao, keynotes by global leaders in conservation from the United Nations and Whitley Fund for Nature, and more. Drink proceeds will benefit Hoja Nueva, confronting deforestation in the Amazon by protecting land and by providing indigenous communities with the support necessary to produce sustainable crops, and ensure fair direct-trade wages.


Featured AW18 Designers

Re:ne(w) by René Garza For Magpies & Peacocks is founded on the concept that resource sustainability is the responsibility of every individual – being conscious of both our actions and their impact on our planet. The Re:ne(w) collection “Impermanent Flora” – an avant-garde rainforest collection made entirely from waste textiles and up-cycled clothing – reinforces the value of building a sustainable future for design; the importance of social responsibility, ethical sourcing and circular innovation; and the ramifications of post-consumer textiles in our landfills. 

Kalikas Armour is a Luxury British fashion label specialising in bespoke, made-to-measure occasion wear with an unique aesthetic.  Headed by creative director Jatin Patel, Kalikas Armour crafts garments for both men and women, pieces ranging from cocktail dresses and evening gowns to razor sharp men's tailoring. They echo a timeless beauty; combining classic elegance, luxurious fabrics, embellishment, all crafted by hand to imbue them with a couture-like quality to satisfy all body types. Clients may request special occasion pieces particularly for weddings or request a re-imagined archive collection piece with all consultations and fittings conducted by Jatin personally. A longstanding reputation for design and manufacturing excellence coupled together with a friendly and relaxed approach have ensured many continuing commissions, collaborations and projects with high profile clientele.







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