Gary James McQueen is a British brand beyond fashion. Focusing on strong influences of heartfelt self-expression and culture, we are a luxury house exploring avant-garde designs & meticulously crafted artworks of fashion accessories and 3D sculptures; always at an uncompromising level of high quality. With integrity to the spirit and shared McQueen family name among fashion, Gary James McQueen upholds purpose to incorporate an extension of immersive personal stories, with thriving concepts of its own charisma, vulnerabilities, meticulous artistic skill and uncompromising opulent quality. Building on fashion silhouettes with digital design technology.

The creative mind behind the brand, is Gary James McQueen, who works in his limitless artistic freedom, while grounded at the core with the iconic McQueen spirit, shared with his Uncle, the late Lee Alexander McQueen. Since the brand debut in 2017 with scarves (on a made to order basis), it has received constant attention and praise. Each piece, displays enchanting contrasts and open lines of abstract interpretations, yet when worn the artistry translates as beautiful objects of sullen opulence, glazed over silk surfaces to elaborate sculptures and luxury fashion apparel.

The collections clean patterns and prints, are inspired by a rubric curiosity between reality, surrealism, cultures and visual clarity of a vast imagination. Altogether, Gary James McQueen’s digital abilities, bring fourth intricate motifs of psychedelic and optical art designs. Each print is developed through a very thoughtful and personal creative process to share and exhibit among the public.