The brand name Le Sillage comes from French which means "follow, start with" and expresses their initial intention to create an independent brand in pursuit of their original ideas. In contemporary China's clothing market, clothing brands with small profits but quick turnover and almost pure commercial purposes are still the main ones, but lack of design. The world has begun to develop rapidly. In this era of mass production, we should find our own style and make efforts accordingly before we become machines completely. In such a big environment, under the incomprehension of the people around them, the controversial people firmly established Le Sillage.

Designer Chen Qiyang originally studied architecture design in university. However, for the sake of his childhood dream, he dropped out of school and pursued his study in Japan. He entered Bunka Fashion College. At first Sun Shiyu was studied BA Fashion Design at Coventry University. A year later, to better pursue the design concept closer to Chinese culture, she decided to go to Tokyo to continue studying fashion design at Bunka Fashion College.Sharing similar experiences and concepts, they jointly founded the brand Le Sillage, dreaming to create distinct styles instead of following suits.