Light & Shadow X Esa Liang X Punk Rave

Light & Shadow Global Fashion Design Academy (hereafter “L&S”). The designers in every season compromised of the senior fashion teachers and outstanding students in L&S. As a fashion design academy, L&S encourages its students to try their best is demonstrating their creativities and make different experiments in the projects. On this basis, the products of this brand not only illustrate the creative and experimental spirits, but also focus on the functionality and practicality of the works. This brand mainly targets the customers who are trendy and avant-garde, and eager to show their personality through fashion as a demonstration of their passion and enthusiasm to lives.

Esa Liang 

Always focuses on the brand spirit, which is to chase for something different. On the design side, it is unique and special, following the heart as the lighthouse to guide the direction. On the styling side, it sets its own standard and vision. Esa Liang’s target customers are modern and independent women with psychological age range at around 20 to 38. They are stylish, love fashion, and eager to try new things.

Punk Rave

Wont hold back nor follow blindly. The main line of Punk Rave has been operating in Europe and US for 12 years and is one of the brands that have good recognition and influence among the punk and gothic groups. The diffusion line in China, different from the main line Ashes Series that use strong tension in the design, focuses on the current society’s trend and taste of fashion in its design. The design is practical and also keeps the punk and gothic sprits promoted by the brand main line.