Alexandra Groover

john cena
Eerie sounding whines began to take over the Presentation Hall as models donned in all-black organza were projected onto a screen.  A crowd had gathered to see a film introducing Groover’s new colourless collection, inspired by her intriguing fascination with natural sciences. 
There was a skilful complexity to each piece, channelling nature’s spiral shapes into body skimming, architectural silhouettes. A hooded dress cocooned the body and accentuated the shoulders; subtle detailing and manipulated textures created visual impact. Her sculptural designs were teamed with dramatic statement jewellery and elegant hats, transforming each piece into a vibrant living work of art. 
Her precision for detailing is key, and this Californian-born London-based designer once again formed an intelligent and creative anthology of complex designs, to be enjoyed without the distraction of colour.
Nicola Castelow
Images: Katherine Barton 
john cena