Backstage at Hemyca with Toni and Guy

The right hairstyle is the perfect complement to a designer’s show. The Fashion Scout team caught up with Tim from the Toni&Guy hair team to talk trends and ask about the inspiration behind the hair for the Hemyca show.
Fashion Scout: How did you end up being the head stylist for Toni & Guy? 
Tim: Oh god, It all started twenty odd years ago. I transferred from L’Oreal and started at the bottom of the food chain as a stylist. Gosh it’s a long time!
FS: Now, the Hemyca show was all about tailoring- same thinking behind the hair?
Tim: Well, it was all about “House – Cubism”. The whole idea of wrong but right. We used synthetic wigs and made them asymmetrical using clippers instead of scissors to get the graphic lines effect.
FS: What’s the next thing in hair?
Tim: It’s all about graphic haircuts, very attention grapping styles!
Raf Jaworski
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