Better than Boodles - the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Off Schedule Media Centre

john cena

Kate Simpson from Cube PR is the lady in charge of this season’s Media Centre, “the hub for all the press and media coming to Vauxhall Fashion Scout.” Into its third year, the room has taken a more central role, offering the press a relaxing place to find out about all of the off-schedule designers showing this season, not just those showing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. The grand 1930’s inspired space reminiscent of a private gentleman's club plays host to everything the media need including laptops, Wifi, free coffee from sponsors The Lean Bean Green Machine, plus look books, press releases and CDs about all the off schedule designers. Marie O’Brien, Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s representative within the room, tried to keep the theme coherent with the rest of the Freemason’s building. “We decided the best thing to do was to use what we had,” clarifies Marie as she perches on an elaborate maroon throne, “that way we would be complimenting the exquisite surroundings.” The room will be open all week offering information, internet facilities and a calming atmosphere amidst the chaos. Jennifer Hore

Pictured: Susie Bubble in the off schedule media centre 
Image by: Eddie Blagbrough
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