Fashion Shenzhen 1 - Groundshow and Xindier

john cena
The first designers to open Fashion Shenzen 1 were part of the Ground Fashion house. With it being the first of the brand’s shows to be held in Europe, and with over a 100 stores across China, expectations were high. Groundshow’s signature style of purity and nature did not disappoint and our friends from the East mainly concentrated on the themes of emotion and the environment.

The collection lead with bold floral print designs in pinks, greens, greys and lilac blues. All this featuring on a number of draped, unstructured dresses and long free-flowing silk tunics - ideal for the summer period.

As the theme of nature and hippy-like ideals stimulated the audience, the collection wouldn’t be complete without a slight “boho” vibe which was playfully projected through the loose, lengthy skirts and bold, florid prints featured on nearly every look. Another idea explored by the design team was the layering. This combined with the artfully knitted and stitched prints managed put a spell over the spectators who forgot all about the gloomy weather outside of the venue.     

The second designer to show case his designs was Xie Haiping for the Xindier label. Haiping’s creativity did not fail, the collection lead with stunning blood red, sculptured A-shape dresses constructed out of geometric panels of rectangles, squares and circles.

Floral themes prevailed from, though much more subtle than the previos show, Only recognizable through the carefully styled roses made out of the luxurious fabrics. Along side of these the garments stood out through the use of fringe detailing, pleated textile and backless designs.

The Xindier designer painted the catwalk red and left everyone, including myself awestruck.

Raf Jaworski
Images: David Coleman
john cenajohn cena