john cena
Mirrors and Echoes, the theme for Hemyca’s new collection by designer duo Myra Nigris and Helen Clinch, makes a bold statement about the society we live in. Models clad in sultry playsuits and near-architectural structuring pose in front of distorted mirrors as they sashay down the catwalk, breaking down the idea of identity and the way we see ourselves.
It’s summer in the city; the contradiction of sharply tailored city chic and the soft summer silhouettes play with the idea of London’s harsh landscape fighting against its sensual atmosphere. Bold graphic industrial prints hug the model in a body-con maxi dress, her skyscraper-like height ensconced within the designer duo’s infamous high-quality tailoring. The delicate satin separates in lush greens and shimmering gold leaf provide a contrasting glow to the collection.
A powerful and ultra feminine silhouette is exuberated; they’ve created a wearable and sexy style that embraces the female form for all the right reasons. Expect to look in every mirror when wearing Hemyca. Nicola Castelow
Feature image: Eddie Blagbrough
Other images: Felicity Sagoe
john cena