Kingston University MA - Niamh O'Connor

With Kingston University being the only university invited to showcase their latest talent, Niamh O'Connor's sport chic collection has set high standards for the rest of the event.

Having only just graduated, O 'Connor's collection entitled "NOC" shawcased a new take on sport chic. With an emphasis on creating clothing using the latest technological advances, the catwalk featured light fabrics, and a colour pallete of blue, orange and white. Niamh has also drawn inspiration from human movement, mannerism and expression - which was playfully expressed by the models pulling different shapes and stretches as they paraded down an octagon shaped catwalk.

As for the garments, imagine a jogger wearing couture with over exagurated shoulders and under arms mixed with a pair of Reebok’s high top sneaks. With a strong emphasis on the top garment, the bottom half featured  skin-tight cycle shorts paired with colourful, geometric pattern (enough to turn heads). The designer successfully managed to convince a predominantly non-sporty audience of the idea that sportswear doesn't have to mean boring, shapeless tees...JUST GO FOR IT! Raf Jaworski