The Lean Green Bean Machine

Another new edition to Vauxhall Fashion Scout this season is the Lean Green Bean Machine, Andrew and Steven Boyle explain why they are the greenest coffee machine around…

What makes the Lean Green Bean Machine original?
It’s an LPG powered tuk tuk that is fully mobile, so it’s a street legal vehicle, mobile and it’s cute! We can be in a building like this and not emit any pollution to the environment. 

Are you fair-trade as well as green?
Well we actually use green coffee beans instead of brown. They are sourced from Coffee Kids in South America in Venezuela and Peru, from every bag we buy the money goes straight to Coffee Kids at a fair price.

Who actually owns the company?
This van is the West London franchise and is run by Uncle Steven and I, I’m the brains. The Bean Machine, itself, was invented by William Overton.

How many franchises are there in the UK?
There are two, one in East London and one in West London. For corporate events we have different vehicles without engines. The London franchise can do interior and exterior events; our vehicles are able to stand-alone in a field for instance.

Do you have any more events coming up?
We don’t have anything confirmed yet, we won’t till next month, but we are looking at doing all the festivals, various events in London and hundreds across the UK.

How have you found working in the fashion industry, so far?
We are really pleased and excited to be working with you guys and will hopefully be back next year. It has been really different for us!
Laura Chatterton
Image: Leigh Keily
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