LF Markey

john cena

LF Markey displayed a diverse presentation like no other, where sports meets prom. On entering, guests were welcomed by seductive, colourful lighting, glasses of wine and subtle beats. Garments were suspended from rails even with no bodies to fill them they were full of life. It must have been the spectrum of colour that Markey used throughout her collection, which ranged from bright oranges, golden yellows and sky blues.

The most outstanding pieces had to be the big, puffball ‘prom’ dresses, which made you feel just for that moment like you were walking around Disneyland. Each dress had an accompanying coloured back-drop making them look like very important museum pieces. The crowd was loud, gossiping and admiring the pieces, until the lights darkened and silence sealed the room.

Everyone’s attention turned to the big screen “The Ball” in big lettering, a loud, heavy breathing filled the hall, spectators waited in anticipation for the film to begin. For what felt like a life-time the quite intimidating heavy breathing continued. Techno beats kicked in and there we witnessed one of the most glamorous basketball games to date! Models paced or rather raged around the court in Markey’s prom dresses (one comprising of a long trail), short layered dresses and loosely fitting, stripy, lycra shirts all fighting for, wait for it…..a sequined ball! It had a slightly comical feel to it, but I do think we all wanted to get back into sports after witnessing such a fabulous game. All in all a successful game, I mean presentation from Louise Markey. I caught up with Louise at the end to catch a few words, “Yes I am so pleased, I was trying a new media, a new way to present. I think it went down well, well it’s a bit different so, great!” 
Emma Shiggins

Feature image: Eddie Blagbrough
Other images: Seun Sote and Eddie Blagbrough

john cena