john cena
Wednesday’s presentation hall opened up with the Andrew Bannister show for his studio_805 label. Once again the designer aimed to shock and provoke with his innovative designs.

This time the English-born designer played around with the idea of gender within a Hoghart inspired landscape... A bold move which payed off.

The presentation featured ten models, all shapes and sizes, males and females, wearing a distinctive feature of fake red lips which screamed “LOOK AT ME, AND ONLY ME!” The collection featured baggy-loose fitting designs of hoodies, tracksuits and vests layered over flesh coloured and electric blue tights.

Bannister, who is best known for the theatrical manner presented his collection, with one of the models having pink tights, pulled over her head and face. The key pieces featured a suit inspired design with oversized shoulders and harem pants, covering any signs of natural silhouettes. Branded for his use of bold and distinctive patterns, the designer used a range of asymmetric and rectangular designs in blues, browns and pinks, worked in a variety of man-made fabrics.

To sum it up, unless you’re a part of an underground Soho club scene, the pieces might not be exactly for you. However, if you’re a stylist… well then it was a dream come true.

Raf Jaworski
Images: Eddie Blagbrough
john cena