Tempest at The Enchanted Palace...

Lovers of all things beautiful and whimsical may rejoice as, from the 26th March 2010, the rooms of Kensington Palace will be temporarily transformed into The Enchanted Palace for a show-stopping, eyes-on-stalks, multisensory exhibition, and our very own William Tempest will be taking part. 

Accompanied by legends like Vivienne Westwood, Stephen Jones, Boudicca and Aminaka Wilmont, Will’s in good company for this extraordinary exhibition-come-art installation.  Brought to you by the theatre company Wildworks, the event will use the Palace’s sordid and juicy history as inspiration for interactive theatre, film projections and stunning fashion installations (Aminaka Wilmont has created a ‘dress of tears’ for one room). 

Tempest, inspired by the young Queen Victoria’s sudden new-found freedom and independence, will create an avant-garde, period dress packed with optical illusion as it appears to vanish and merge into its surroundings, before your very eyes!  It all sounds very Mad Hatter to us, and we can’t wait!


Posted by Fiona Anderson

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