Backstage at Ada Zanditon: make up artist Rachel Wood from AOFM

What inspiration did you take from the Ada Zanditon collection when creating the make up look for the show?
"I kept it really simple, usually I have a story or theme but I went with the texture of the clothes this season. Ada wanted it really clean and beautiful, drawing on the fabrics in fuchsias and deep plums with a metallic sheen. There is a strong lip I created by mixing various lipsticks from Benefit, who are sponsors, and added a frosted eye shadow in it to create a reflective texture. It also appears to look like the opening of a flower, as there is a almost tye-dye, painted look to some of the clothes. The eyes are clean and icy to reflect the winter season."

Why do you enjoy working at London Fashion Week with Vauxhall Fashion Scout?
"What I love about London and Vauxhall Fashion Scout is it's where the emerging talent starts and partnerships with the Academy of Freelance Make Up allows new make up artist to showcase their talent and be more experimental. I am part of the Academy of Freelance Make Up, and I love the experimental freedom of working with Vauxhall Fashion Scouts and the vibe is really relaxed and fun."

What are the emerging make up trends for Autumn/Winter 2010?
"There is a really casual look, like unkempt bushy brows - think Brook Shields before an eyebrow wax! But with beautifully buffed, ethereal looking skin and similarly in New York as well they want it to look like the models have done it themselves, very rough, edgy, and almost a little Eighties in that way."

Words: Christine Pettman
Image: Eddie Blagbrough