A Child of the Jago


Having spent the majority of my week at The Freemasons' Hall either entranced in a show or presentation, or hunched over my laptop in the media centre I was starting to feel the cabin fever. With the team behind Vauxhall Fashion Scout in charge of production at the A Child of the Jago show,  I eagerly volunteered myself to cover it on the final day of fashion week.

The vision behind the label was there from the off set, the raw red brick underground East End location, a man playing a wind up music box, wooden benches and a live band. Vivienne Westwood was front row with Janet Jackson a few seats up. With the cameras flashing and the final people taking their seats the band started. Consisting of a tambourine playing singer and sheepish guitar player they offered up a raucous set to those waiting for the show. Lyrics included ‘I am bringing fashion from the north, its traveled a long way so it’s a little bit soiled’ or my personal favourite ‘If he is looking through your window with a spanner, he’s a plumber.’

The collection was signature Jago with logo printed tops and the Victorian slum life as inspiration. Longer length artisan baggy shirts styled with bracers, silk neckerchiefs and low slung jumpers. The tailored suit was also prominent throughout, woolen check fabric with flecks of metallic stripes as well as the businessman's pin stripe. An elegant gentleman dressed casually with leather driving gloves and denim shoes.

A white denim boiler suit, velvet dungarees and a male model in suspenders and leather bomber jacket added a younger look along with the punk rock hairstyles and dark eye make-up. A couple of womenswear outfits were added to the collection including a leather long sleeved leotard and a black and white minstrel body. Hats were also key with a selection from berets to bowler hats to studded baker boy caps to a golden turban. 

Joe Corre and Simon Armitage's menswear appeals to all, if you go from the models in the show including family and friends of the designers (Corre's brother Ben Westwood walked), it is an eccentric gentleman of any age.


Words: Emma Drinnan

Images: Eddie Blagbrough