A day in the life of... Ada Zanditon

It’s nearly D-Day for our designers, and we want in on the action.  Here’s the first in a series of diary entries from some of our hottest designers, starting with the fabulous Ada Zanditon.
7:00 It’s an icy cold morning in Whitechapel, I'm counting down until the organic cafe opens, but it’s worth it to get the best cup of coffee in town! 

8:00 I look to the origami bat for inspiration before the studio gets into full swing- replying to buyers, finalising the shows music and speaking to my sales agent, Emma at London a la Mode. 
14:35 My stylist Callum and I have a meeting over lunch to talk about choreography for the show.  
16:00 Henry the studio tree is yelling for more rotten bananas, how else how else is he going to grow up to be an Evergreen Oak Tree? 

The day after we made our visual diary for Vauxhall Fashion Scout, very sadly Alexander McQueen passed away. Like everyone I feel an indescribable sense of grief and sadness. An absolute genius, may he rest in peace. Ada Zanditon
Posted by Fiona Anderson
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