Exhibition designers: Dean Quinn

Dean Quinn, a BA graduate of Central Saint Martins, exhibited a collection of Victorian inspired dresses made of silk sheaths and extensive beading work for his second appearance at London Fashion Week. The five pieces he exhibited were edgy cocktail numbers intricately constructed and full of texture.

Jane Campion’s The Piano was Quinn’s inspiration. “The Victorian clothes, the darkness and harsh weather breaking down,” he told to The Fashion Scout in the Freemason’s Hall exhibition space. “In particular, the scene where the Victorian carved piano was under the ocean and sea urchins had grown all over the piano in different ways.”

The sea urchins of the movie manifested into dripping shoulder pieces made out of beaded skewers. Zig zag trails of white beads run along black netting on the top halves of each dress.

“This year it was all about dealing with beading, which was all professionally done in India by Hand and Lock, the oldest embroidery company in the world,” Quinn said. “They sponsored me for the beading and helped me develop and produce it. It was a collaboration between myself and them.”

Quinn’s creations are perfect for the nighttime warrior, but he can also see them going casual. “During the fitting the model was wearing Converse with and it looked really cool. I would love to pair just a top half with a pair of jeans.”

The ability to touch and see Quinn’s textures up close enforces the embellishments’ intricacies. But he is striving for the catwalk to showcase his hard work. “Vauxhall Fashion Scout is getting better every year. I love how diverse it is, with couture designers next to diffusion…Next season hopefully.”

Words: Maggie Dolan
Images: Ljiljana Pajovic. 
Designer Dean Quinn is pictured top.