The fabulous Vauxhall Fashion Scout crew

Che, a final year Fashion Communication student at John Moore University in Liverpool, has been working at Vauxhall Fashion Scout all Week. “I’ve been moving chairs and being polite to people”. Che’s highlights of the week has been meeting the designers and, of course, networking, darling.

Stacey gets to seat all the VFS-VIP’s in the main catwalk hall. “This is where all the new talent is, especially at Ones to Watch. The details are so crisp and clean!” We expect that she’ll go back into her fashion design class at Westminster Uni bursting with excitement and new ideas.

Down at the Lean Green Bean Machine, Michele is whipping up lattes for demanding fashionistas, models and crew. When questioned about which frocks have rocked his boat, he jovially replied, “I’m not into fashion, so for me it’s all been good!”

Working on the door, JC, a Marketing and Photography student at East London Uni, has found the excitement of the ‘door-bustle’ of Vauxhall Fashion Scout thrilling and stressful (but in a good way).

Words: Leigh Keily
Illustrations: Hana Termanini