Fairtrade and fabulous: Ada Zanditon designs ethical fashion with a difference

The concept of ethical fashion is lovely but the connotations that go with it aren’t always the most interesting.

In contrast to most, Ada Zanditon’s elegant prints are all ethically produced in the UK. Vibrant colours with a mix of soft textures create an exaggerated silhouette. Her signature sculptured collection features organic cotton, silk and jersey fabrics blended with Fairtrade denim.

Not only will she have her first solo catwalk show with Vauxhall Fashion Scout this season, her AW10 collection will also be exhibited at Esthetica in London and Rendez Vous Femme in Paris.

The ever-popular honeybee was the concept behind her last collection, and it seems she has continued along a similarly naturalistic theme. AW10’s collection entitled ‘Echolocation’ is inspired by English bats and the high frequency range they use to fly in darkness.

The rippling shapes that these echoes create in the air are transferred into her prints and silhouettes. The collection is described as being “inspired by branches, cobwebs and beating wings of nocturnal creatures whilst the colour palette should reflect a setting winter sky and bruise like colours.”

Posted by Emma Drinnan

Ada Zanditon is showing at 2.45pm on Tuesday 23rd February
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