Fashion Film Club

Last night I entered a dark room and took a seat in front of the projector to see The Fashion Film Club Presentation. I am sure you will remember our shout out to find designers with a fashion film. Lara from the club was inundated and a selection of videos previewed in the presentation room. I love the collision of fashion and film and enjoy watching the clothes and models move to music which sum up the tone of the collection perfectly.

The first film by menswear label Cottweiler aka Matthew Dainty and Ben Cottrell had no soundtrack, just heavy breathing. Three men changing in and out of clothes, senses alerted to the rub of fabric against skin and dropping garments to the floor. The sight of a shirt hanging on a peg slowly moving in the wind. All at once silence. Three men fully clothed walked towards the camera in a large open air field, jovial pushing and laughing. A sudden heavy beat starts as they walk into the distance. View the film at

Ada Zanditon’s film is shot in black and white, a personal favourite of mine. A large spotlight shone on a solitary model waving a human sized jet black flag. The flapping movement in a grainy out of focus shot is just beautiful. I can only presume the action is inspired by bats which her AW10 collection is based on. A large rope dangles down the centre of the light and the image of a model swinging around it is repeated across the screen. The kaleidoscopic monochrome pattern where moving faces, rope and body merge into each other.

Marko Mitanvokski showed the other black and white film featuring his gothic black corset paneled in lace, pleated neck ruffs and long pointed finger patent gloves. Seeing them move is just fascinating to watch, the antler hair however stays static, along with the models deadpan expression. A heavy beating drum with the eerie sound of a violin on top, the model pops to the beat. The video has been edited to repeat and skip seconds of the film to create jumpy movements. The haunting image of blood dripping from her mouth is the final shot.

Lidja and Dejan’s film shows a cropped shot of a model in full colour, her movements slowed down and faded into each other, her arms move to cover her face. Every actions speed is edited to work into the timing of the music. The model in Lidja and Dejan's ruched creation is stood centre with her body repeated four times around in a split screen, the pillared vase looking objects frame the stop start juddering dance.

The imagery in the last film on show was stunning. An endless marsh of water with floating islands of turf, cracked dry earth an eagle in a tree.  Viewing through a spy hole telescope which narrowed into the centre of the screen.  Flocks of birds flying in formation across the sky through bursts of sunlight. Not so much coverage of the clothing, a model in a long cream jacket stood in the woods, auburn hair flicking with every tilt of her head. Faced forward you can see a band of shiny metal masking her face. The unsettling imagery of the fast motion flapping movement looks like scuttling creatures from a Hitchcock film. They rapidly join to make a large sphere hovering over the beautiful scenery.  Shot by Mikey Ashley and clothing by Milena Silvano.

Posted by Emma Drinnan
Images: Doh Lee