Jacob Kimmie

Images- above: Doh Lee, below: Marsy Hild Thorsdottir

‘Pilgrim’, Kimmie’s Autumn/winter 2010 collection was a theatrical black and white parade of long, lean silhouettes in leather leggings, chunky wool hooded knits and dragging trains.  Inspired by “Modern, ancient temples, and ritual dressing as night”, the collection was set to gospel house beats and tribal dance music that re-enforced the heightened expectation.

The gowns were silk, draping pools of black, with cutaway backs and intricate lace details, accessorised with clustered feather earrings to finish the look. The models' hair was tightly gathered in to knot buns, dark, and heavy eye make up which was hidden behind ornate silver masks, and moody black veils. The finale, and highlight of the show was white silk bridal gown, the model carrying a baby also dressed in white and staring back enquiringly.  Kimmie produced a stunning and dramatic show of fierce, beautiful and wearable pieces, with intricate embellishments and edgy accessories. 

Words: Christine Pettman