The press release for the Komakino runway show provided members of the audience with an aggressive introduction to the brand,

“A lot of people say Komakino isn’t anything new; that a lot of designers work leather and black with a militant attitude. That’s ignorant [..] the fact that Komakino do it better is what matters.”


Pretty heavy stuff for spectators to ponder as the show got under way. The colours and fabrics used in the collection were as promised: leather and black, but presented in a distinctive way. The clean and sharp silhouettes were a treat for the eye, with tight peg leg jeans, superbly tailored coats and jackets that incorporated both leather and cotton based textiles. 

Some jackets sported rounded aerodynamic shoulders and from others hung nylon suspenders. There were some interesting leather accessories as well in the form of face masks and four-finger rings. Some pieces featured an occasional print and for those who needed a momentary break from black, there was a shirt or two in cream and beige. The winners in the collection were two knitted woollen capes that entranced the audience as they moved down the catwalk which juxtaposed from the more militant silhouettes that had preceded them. Judging from their collection this season, Komakino have a clear vision of their male client- a strong, striking character, who, in their own words,

“may be over physical violence but still want to wear their commitment to the struggle for a good life on their sleeve.”



Words: Jess Whyte

Images: David Coleman