A man and his mouse - David Longshaw and Maude

There’s a mouse in the house over at David Longshaw, with the reign of his murine companion, Maude the mouse.  “I made her out of cashmere that Richard James of Savile Row gave me” explains the Ones to Watch designer.

Stitched together during his CSM years, Longshaw’s cuddly creation appears to be carving a career of her own, with two articles for Disorder magazine.  Longshaw, hidden behind the miniature guise of Maude, has written, illustrated and produced all the photography for the articles, resulting in a brilliantly dreamed up fantasy interview between Maude (and her troop of fabric friends, the Maudettes) and the designer himself. Click here to read the full interview over at Disorder.

Longshaw’s gin-swigging, attitude-packed, beady eyed alter-ego doesn’t stop there.  She’s also interviewed designer, Timothy Lee, for her second instalment at Disorder magazine and featured in Volume Magazine with her friend, and Charles Anastase fan, Mildred the penguin.

With the confidence of Paxman and the ease of Parky, Maude the fictional fabric mouse is set to take over the world.  To hear more from the chicest rodent in town, check out her blog What Maude Wore Next and to find out more about Maude’s online magazine, Maudezine, see http://www.davidlongshaw.co.uk/.

Longshaw’s natural talent for illustration as well as designing sets him apart and it’s refreshing to have playful fun injected back into the industry. We’ve heard Maude will be lurking around over fashion week, so keep your eyes open.

Emma Drinnan & Fiona Anderson

David Longshaw SS10
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