Model interview: Margo Bushueva, Premiere

Where are you from?
Volagograd, Russia

How old are you?
20, since yesterday!

Oh, Happy Birthday! What did you do?
I was freaking out! I am not a teenager anymore.

What shows are you walking in this week?
Sado and Central Saint Martins…I just came from the fitting at Somerset House it was quite intense. I wasn’t meant to do London Fashion Week, but people are really desperate for models this week it seems.

What do you like about London Fashion Week?
All the time new designers, something fresh. Paris and New York they are all the designers every time, and London is fun!

How would you describe your style?
Not too funky, a bit classic and casual.

Style icon?
Would I be such a cliché if I say Kate Moss?

Words: Maggie Dolan
Image: Leigh Keily

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