Ones to Watch - ASKH

If you ever though knits were for only nans, think again as ASKH have taken their neutral, muted colour palette and injected a serious dose of rebellion.  The menswear was neat and original, with clean, open weave smocks and light knits in fresh, daytime tones with a hint of metallic detailing.  Embellishment was taken to the next level for womenswear, with a soft pink dress covered in piles of fluffy petals frothing up under the chin, down the spine and towards the hem like a feathery bustle.  Another was in bone white, skin tight, with sheer sides and enveloped in white braids tumbling across the torso and cascading down the back, adding movement and funk to the delicate, almost skeletal, dress.  Clean, beautifully crafted and with silhouettes to die for, this pair of designers are most certainly destined for great things.

Words: Fiona Anderson
Image: David Coleman