The perfect presentation

Is all this Fashion Week talk making you green with envy?  Well, if you are a designer and want to get your collection seen at Fashion Week, a presentation can be a great place to start.  Production expert and Vauxhall Fashion Scout Director John Walford, tells us how it can work for your brand.
What is it? A presentation serves as a halfway house between a full catwalk show and a static exhibition, and is a fantastic way to meet your buyers, and get their reactions to your work, face to face. 
Planning: It is vital to keep your budget under control and well monitored.  A presentation is considerably cheaper than a catwalk show.
Production: A presentation is very fluid; if the models are late or something disastrous happens, it is much more fixable than with a show, where you only have one chance to get it right.  Also, a presentation enables buyers to see your collection close up, and to take in every detail.
Budget: Bad models kill clothes, so never, ever, cut costs by booking cheap models.  The look and the walk of the model make a huge difference to the image of your brand and the sense of professionalism you exude.  The model is the face of the brand, so she has to know what she’s doing.
Parties: Don’t waste money on expensive promotional parties.  The industry insiders you hope to attract will in reality be unlikely to attend, as their time is so precious during Fashion Week.  Spend your money, and energy, elsewhere.
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Posted by Fiona Anderson
Image: Kingston MA presentation SS10
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