Rachel Freire

With an insanely big crowd milling and a constant stream of flustered make-up artists, PRs and assistants running in and out of the backstage door, Rachel Freire seems to be causing quite a stir.  The doors opened, the media folk lunged forwards, and, once all inside, the show could start. 

First to saunter down the makeshift catwalk and through the crowd was a sleek, black dress, with raggedy, matted braids of fabric cascading down from the shoulder as the model gazed at the crowd through black-as-night eyes.  A long, lithe, rubber catsuit in bronze was up next, with precise black piping to define and sculpt the silhouette.  Huge, oversized frills in the form of enormous shoulder capes and outrageously fabulous collars featured, as they stretched up towards the heavens in feathery, textured lace and, again, adorned with dangling braids.  The star of the show was a vast, exaggerated, mirror ball-style shoulder piece, which momentarily transformed the model into a stunning, glittering warrior, as it twinkled and danced in the light.  A sequinned, crystal encrusted silver veil continued the reflective theme, as did a nude bodysuit draped in miles of long, glimmering plastic strips, which traipsed and trailed delicately along the floor. 

Excellent construction is clearly Freire’s speciality, as a number of expertly made headpieces dominated this accomplished collection.  Echoing the shape of a laced up corset, one stretched and curved over the head like a towering horse’s mane, laced up with taught, cream ribbons.  Another curved and swept up either side of the head, with cage-like laces strung across the face and tumbling down over the torso.  Peach coloured suspenders held up rubber stockings in pewter tones, and sleek, structured heels finished off the look to a tee.  Freire’s pieces were staggeringly beautiful and would have looked even more impressive on the runway.  Time and time again, each look drew gasps from the crowd thanks to the breathtaking detail and costume-like aesthetic.  Without doubt this collection was well worth the wait. 
Words: Fiona Anderson
Images: Kristen Blow