Spotlight on... Florencia Kozuch

"I want to make clothes that I love, with lots of character. I want to make timeless pieces with references to me, where I come from and what I represent as a designer". 

Well, Ones to Watch designer Florencia Kozuch has certainly achieved that. Born in Buenos Aires, later moving to Barcelona with her family, Kozuch graduated from CSM in 2009 with a show-stopping, killer collection that is set to storm down the runway and straight into the fashion glossies. 

The collection, which is rock and roll meets tribal, sees Kozuch draw inspiration from the Onas, also known as Selk’nam, an aboriginal tribe from South America.  The result is a fabulously unique combination of traditional design with modern innovation, utilising unusual materials, super chic prints and lusciously touchable textures.   With long, shaggy capes of twisted, frayed yarn, tumbling over the torso, towering, jet black feathered headpieces and soft, light knits that look like they could float on air, this collection is an absolute stunner.  A lavish offering for the fiercest of tribal queens, the myriad of textures and proportions make Kozuch’s collection alluring, exquisite and imaginative.   

Posted by Fiona Anderson
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