The cold weather outside has got me excited about seeing all the Autumn / Winter collections and I was even more thrilled to start menswear day with an Arctic freeze theme at studio_805’s presentation. A new direction for the brand, not a shade of red in sight, and only subtle hints of his signature checker print in a blue and white fur dress.

Wind machines and a soundtrack of blizzards being played set the atmosphere and the collection carried on the wintry theme. One female and five male models stood around the well-lit edge and as spectators circled the inside.

Pale blue fleecy jumpsuit with white snowflakes printed all over styled with brown pilot goggles. A dark blue denim harem romper covered in long white ribbons was blowing in the wind. An a-line gathered neck white shirt worn over thick white long-johns. The shirt was covered in fringing detail made of plastic beads hanging from shoulders and in a headpiece like a patch over the eye.

Blue camouflage baggy trousers over a hooded and gloved blue Lycra all in one.  White harnesses cover the torso like a faux rucksack, while a chunky plastic white zip is wrapped around the face. The fetish dream continued with a silver liquid lame gimp suit with gloved feet and mask. Now I know where I have been going wrong in the freezing temperatures outside, I wasn’t wearing a studio_805 all in one.


Words: Emma Drinnan

Images: Kristen Blow