Vox pops front row at Hermione de Paula

Left: Caryn Franklin, Fashion Guru
"I haven’t seen much of Hermione’s work, Martyn recommended her to me and I wanted to get to see it.

We all understand that it's very tough being a young designer to get something on the road. The creative side is a very small part of it. Its very easy for me or any journalist to come along to the show and be critical or say they don’t like something but there’s a huge other part to it. I know that Martyn and John are very committed to nurturing talent and I think that is how it should be, In the industry those who have experience should give back and help others find a path and help them avoid the horrendous pitfalls that someone who is clearly very talented just doesn’t make it because something can trip you up."

Right: Jessica Bumpus, Fashion Features Editor Vogue.com
"I think Fashion Scout is a great initiative and it’s really nice that throughout Fashion Week you have bigger names as well as something off schedule, so get you get a bit of variety, which is obviously what London’s famous for.  I really like Hermione’s prints; I’ve been following her for a couple of seasons now so I’m really looking forward to seeing what she’s going to do.  I’ve heard this is going to be quite different to last season!"

Right: Willie Walters, Head of Fashion Design at CSM with friend
"Hermione was one of our students, so I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s such a beautiful building for her to be in, too.  The support Vauxhall Fashion Scout offers to emerging designers is really very encouraging"

Left: Daisy de Villeneuve, Illustrator
"I really like Hermione’s work, I’ve seen it before.  I think the Vauxhall Fashion Scout initiative is great."

Second from left: Ed Vaizey, Shadow Minister for Arts and Culture pictured with Simon Ewart, Consumer Communications Manager at GM and Vauxhall (far right)
"I haven’t seen Hermione’s work before but im a fan of London Fashion Week so I like to take in as much as possible. It’s a real privilege to be here"

I am responsible for fashion policy so I have been coming to London Fashion Week for a while - I think it’s a fantastic showcase, particularly for up and coming designers. I think it is done brilliantly well and I think it gets better every season. It's massively important what Vauxhall Fashion Scout do as they take up and coming designers very seriously and the effort they put in to nurture talent. To identify the outstanding talent from great colleges."

Hermione’s Parents
"We are hugely proud of her.  We’ve seen a lot of what she’s doing, it’s a huge change from last season, it's absolute magic, I’m amazed by it, I adore it.  Vauxhall Fashion Scout are astonishing, they have given her tremendous support.  She did a few seasons on her own, but she’s really moved into a different league now."

Interviews: Fiona Anderson and Emma Drinnan
Images: Kristen Blow
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