Vox pops front row at William Tempest

James Brown (left)
"I think Vauxhall Fashion Scout is phenomenal, the space is phenomenal, I love that it’s short, sweet, it’s packed at every show, it’s just great, great, great!  It’s one of the most professional shows I’ve encountered in the last 5 years.  Everyone’s so organised, everyone’s nice, everyone knows what they’re doing, it’s brilliant.  I love that it’s a bit green too; there’s recycling bins everywhere, the catwalk’s recycled, it’s really good."

Peaches Geldof (middle)
"I really like William Tempest's work he is so good at manipulating fabrics. I think its great what VFS do, you have your established names but fashion is all about moving forward and seeing other things."

Louise Roe (right)
"I thought he was going to win Fashion Fringe and when he didn’t I was really shocked, I interviewed him afterwards and said ‘you are gonna be a big star’. He was so lovely and I remember being blown away by his show. Then Emma Watson and Victoria Beckham wore his stuff those people have the choice of every designer in the world and the fact they picked him is just indicative of how talented he really is I think he will do very well he is already on the road to success.

What Vauxhall Fashion Scout does is so crucial, London does it better than any city, Fashion Scout is amazing, there just aren’t the platforms anywhere else in the world. I think that is why our up and coming talent is so supported and so well received, to me it's such a London thing. London Fashion Week wouldn’t be the same without Vauxhall Fashion Scout. I love working with up and coming innovative designers like Vauxhall Fashion Scout do, I always write down their designer's names and contact them. I enjoy fashion week more now as I have time to look forward to seeing my favourite designers and have time to reflect on the shows when I use to cover every show I didn’t have time to sit back and enjoy the shows I wanted to see like William."

Escala, The electronic string quartet 
From left to right Izzy Johnston, Chantal Leverton, Tasya Hodges, Victoria Lyon. 
"We are all fans, the womanly shapes and Bond girl theme dresses, he makes dresses that are perfect for us when we perform on stage. This is the first proper catwalk show we have been to so it’s a real treat. We are going on tour next week with Katherine Jenkins and we are hoping to find something to wear."

Sophie Anderton
"I’m enjoying fashion week so much, it's been really good fun. Modelling for Harriet's Muse was fun I’m the face of them now so I am shooting their look book on Friday so that’s fantastic. Alice Palmer was amazing before but William is my pinnacle - I love off schedule much more than I like on schedule designers purely because you get to see the most innovative designers who are just so fresh. More established designers churn out the same sort of stuff all the time. I am really loving this there is such a great turn out this evening for his show I am so pleased for him."

Bleu, singer songwriter (right, pictured with Jeff Garner from Prophetik)
"I told Wiiliam I would wear his dress, I love it I’m so excited to see the show. He is one of my favourite designers. I make sure to attend all Vauxhall Fashion Scout shows and then I work in other designers. I love it here its got a nice vibe and I love the talent they spot. Its really cool. It was really packed at the door, everyone was yelling please let me in."

Words: Fiona Anderson and Emma Drinnan
Images: Leigh Keily
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