Vox pops outside Jasper Garvida

Liz McClarnon, ex Atomic Kitten: "I’m a massive fan of Jaspers work but I have never been to his show before. I’m late so I have to rush, thank you though!"

Beverley Knight: "I’ve been at shows all day, I went home to get changed quickly, I was in such a rush. I’ve not seen his work that much before, but he invited me because he said he likes my music - that was really lovely! I really love London Fashion Week - the whole day has been show after show. I really think it’s great the creativity that comes out of LFW, it’s unrivalled and unparallel anywhere in the world. Britain has innovation, Paris does the classic, Italy does a more opulent look and NY is NY but we just give you that edge, I love it."

Sophie Anderton: "I am a big fan, I am running so late though! I love Jasper, I love wearing his stuff. I was supposed to be wearing a sequin dress but I didn’t even have time to change so unfortunately I think I was being a little adventurous when I thought I could get to all these show today. I just throw my look on in the morning. I love my Heidi Mottram clutch, it's Fashion Week proof!"

Words: Emma Drinnan
Images: Ljiljana Pajovic
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