F-Tape Auction: Artwork by Gemma Slack and Dean Quinn

Artwork by Dean Quinn

Artwork by Gemma Slack

The fabulous designers, Gemma Slack and Dean Quinn, have pushed their sketch pads aside, dusted off their easels and gone all high brow on us as part of an arty project run by F-Tape. Collaborating with the equally fabulous Volt magazine and Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED, Hannah Marshall, Craig Lawrence, Holly Fulton, Katie Eary, Fred Butler and Manjit Deu also join Slack and Quinn in the project, whereby each designer has customised an oversized, uber chic cover of the much loved magazine, Volt, in their signature aesthetic.

Be it minimal and modern, embellished up to the gills, or manipulated and moulded into an entirely new image, the result is a stunning array of crystal encrusted, super sparkly, one off art pieces, and the good news is you can now get your mitts of them! The exquisite art works are now being auctioned live on F-Tape, giving you the chance to keep a piece of your favourite, most innovative designer up on your wall.

The auction ends of Monday, so let the frenzied, fashion-loving, bidding wars begin!

Fiona Anderson
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