LFW: Una Burke Exhibit

Una Burke is the exceptionally talented designer who exhibited in the foyer of Vauxhall Fashion Scout throughout London Fashion Week. On display was a beautifully sculptural, vegetable-tanned leather headpiece, featuring slices of flesh-coloured leather curving around the contours of the head and bolted together with bronze nails. The stunning, and highly complex piece, is part of a conceptual collection entitled, Re.Treat, which is based around a series of eight human gestures associated with the healing stages of human trauma. Many of the pieces within the collection are reminiscent of prosthetics and medical braces, with a carcass-like form which is broken down into sections. Arm pieces, leg, neck, head and shoulder pieces sit as wearable items of armour-like art, and can be interpreted as art or as a fashion accessory.

Exquisite in both form, texture and colour palette, Burke’s pieces showcase her immense talent and technical ability. If you missed the exhibit, see more of Burke’s designs here.

Posted by Fiona Anderson