Paris Showroom Day 1

Piecing together our fragmented French and a few 'Allo 'Allo quotes we finally got through the trauma of the Eurostar and the Metro and arrived at our compact apartment. Just enough time to drop our bags, and hang our clothes (I should have rolled not folded) as we rush out to see the space for the Fashion Scout Showroom.

The beautiful art gallery space on Rue de Archives in Le Marais region which was Anne Valerie Hash’s old showroom is stunning. Sunlight bursts through the French doors and the library of art is fascinating. One sculpture I’m not so keen on was the creepy life sized batman, took me a while to get close enough to take a picture.

Fashion Scout Director Martyn Roberts drove a full van over and a staggering seven hours later seemed tired but perky when he arrived. It was all hands on deck- stacks of plinths; unassembled rails and boxes of pre-hung garments were delivered. The space was as you would imagine bare and after many trips up and down the stairs and much deliberating the space started to take shape.

By 4pm most of the designers started to arrive, lots of air kisses, steaming, lighting adjustments and re-merchandising the key pieces and finally the celebratory wine is out. The day has passed with excessive speed, I feel absolutely exhausted but the space looks incredible. No dinner for me - just sleep, have to pour out the bag to find the paracetamol. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings and who comes to visit the space.

Emma Drinnan