Paris Showroom Day 2

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Arriving at the showroom this morning to excited designers full of anticipation about the day ahead. A quick look round the stands and a few coffees and croissants later and the doors flew open and a trickle of press and buyers made their way around the space. To avoid the steadily increasing crowds a certain assistant buyer and I slope off.

We pound the streets of Paris to get to as many showrooms as possible, not to stray too far from what we know, first up was The London Showroom. Seeing the collections up close and speaking to each designer in between mouthfuls of Laudree macaroons (image 1) was a pleasure. David Koma had his collection of zip embellished dresses in a room upstairs (image 2). Swarmed by buyers I snatched a few pictures and a quick chat before we were distracted by a selection of incredible Louboutins. 

The great thing about walking from showroom to showroom is getting lost, you turn into a street filled with beautiful architecture (image 3), find a shop full of vintage fashion magazines (image 4) or even better you find yourself amongst a giant rabbit outside the Kenzo House (image 5).

The aptly named ‘Brits in Paris’ listed many exhibitions including Zipzone and Tranoi where I got the chance to handle Eudon Choi shoes (image 6). The beautiful khaki and navy peep-toe boots are needed in my wardrobe. Unfortunately the shoes are all sample size three, never going to fit on the end of my stems, just had to appreciate looking at them.

Tomorrow I’m going to stay closer to home and with the Fashion Scout designers and yes eat a few more croissants!

Emma Drinnan