Postcard from Paris: Gemma Slack (womenswear) and Katie Rowland (jewellery designer)

"We met at Digitaria which is now Machine A- we are both stocked in there and we were both in one day and started talking. Gemma comes up the concept of the collection and then the jewellery needs to work in with that," says Rowland. It’s the first time she has collaborated with a designer.

Use three words to describe your collection: Black, tight and slutty!

Glasses of alcohol consumed over Paris Fashion Week: Oh my goodness, maybe we should work in how many bottles and cocktails. I’m not even sure how much we drank last night.

Amount of pastries eaten in Paris: We just shared some Brioche.

Best bit about exhibiting with Fashion Scout in Paris: Being in Paris. Does that sound lame?! It's been so good to meet a range of people and chatting with the other designers and how they are doing everyone is really supportive.

This season's highlight: Katie Rowland - the presentation in London was such a good turn out, it was busy throughout the three hours it was on and the press we got afterwards was so good.

This seasons highlight: Gemma Slack - The combination showing a catwalk show in London and showing an exhibition in Paris.

Emma Drinnan