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Marko Mitanovski
Omer Asim
Bryce Aime
Gemma Slack & Marko Mitanovski
Marko Mitanovski

Now, we at Fashion Scout don’t normally go out during the week, however we’ve recently found that a mid-week drink and fashion party is the perfect remedy for the post-weekend blues. Last night, the Fashion Scout team attended the launch party for VELOUR magazine and, always excited about the prospect of a new printed magazine, we weren’t disappointed. Beautiful shoots, thought-provoking articles and in-depth interviews all create incredible content printed on top quality paper, and is it just us or does anyone else love the smell of a freshly printed mag?

The first photoshoot is not only in black and white (which we love), but also features some incredible Vauxhall Fashion Scout designers, including Omer Asim, Marko Mitanovski, Bryce Aime and Gemma Slack. The page-turning shoot was styled by Alexia Somerville with photography by Nick Kelly.

At £3.50, it’s well worth getting a copy of this first Spring issue of Velour magazine, before it flies off the newsagents’ stands!

Emma Drinnan
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