Stranded in Shanghai

Our very own Fashion Scout Director, John Walford, has been held hostage by the volcanic ash cloud! Originally over in China working on Shanghai Fashion week, John has become one of the many thousands stranded abroad in wake of the airport chaos.

To fill the time John has turned into our own foreign correspondent and has not only sent us these images but has reported back on his experiences of his extended stay.

“If one is going to be stuck anywhere, Shanghai is as good as any. It is a shock when you hear instead of flying tomorrow you are not going to fly for another 3 weeks! First feelings are despair, depression and anger. Days are wasted on the phone to every airline and all possible routes (Fly to Turkey and get the Orient Express or go to Beijing and get the Trans Siberian Railway). “

John continued, “In many hotels, you see big groups of Europeans just sitting in total despair and the airport is amazing for being virtually deserted”

On a positive note, he informed us that, “At least Chinese laundries are as good as their reputation.” Glad to know your not having to turn your socks inside out John!

“Virgin are giving me an allowance of up to £60 a day for food and accommodation so it is not as bad as it could be. Also I have been made a priority so I will be on one of the first planes out. And the Chinese are incredibly generous both with their time and the effort they have been making to entertain me with meals and drinks.”

When asked what he was missing most whilst stuck in China John told us, “On a personal note, I knew Malcolm McClaren and was asked to organise his memorial service and am very, very sad to be unable to pay tribute to such a charismatic man.”

Wishing you a speedy return John!

Amy Finch
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