Hermione de Paula Film in Because Magazine

The dreamy, whimsical fabulousness that is Hermione de Paula has struck again, however this time the brilliant stylist Pandora Lennard, direct from Tank Magazine, has sprinkled some of her fashion magic over the proceedings. Lending her eye for style to the folks at Tank’s new shopping title, Because Magazine, Pandora has teamed up with de Paula to show the designer’s SS09 collection in a gorgeous fashion film. Amped up with rocking beats and bleached out lighting, de Paula's soft, fantasy-fuelled pieces appear to dance across the shimmering, kaleidoscope-like film, looking even more beautiful than we remember.

Considering that Browns have sold out so fast they’ve had to do a whopping re-order, we think Pandora, who has previously styled Fashion Scout’s Ones to Watch show, has done an amazing job.

Check out the film for yourself here.

Fiona Anderson