Kingston University - Close Up With Nadja Penfold

Nadja Penfold

Unconstrained by the formula of designing for a particular season, the huge spectrum of styles presented during GFW is spectacular but can become somewhat overwhelming when served in such large doses.

For this reason, with some of the cleanest lines and sharpest cuts, the Kingston show stood out against the madness. As a rule the collections were uniformly concise and resolved, making it difficult to pick just one favorite.

One graduate more than worthy of a mention however is Nadja Penfold and her well structured, effortless silhouettes. I particularly admired a boxed pocket jumpsuit and opaque off white shift, which I later discovered was heavily embellished with an almost invisible Braille.

When I caught up with Nadja she explained;

“My collection is inspired by the neurological condition Synaesthesia, a rare condition affecting sensory neurons. It distorts the senses, the result; hearing colors, seeing sounds and tasting touch. By incorporating Braille into my work I am to stimulate the senses used in the absence of sight”
Penfold has achieved a rare subtlety, attention to detail and precise balance of concept and design. Her pieces are at once wearable and conceptual, it is no surprise this deserving collection went forth to Wednesday’s Gala show.

Lara Angol

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Look book images by Anna Brooks

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